IDENTITY XX is a platform that promotes female artists from all over the world, specifically those who create images of women.

Recently I sat down with these wonderful people for an interview as well as a feature on the series called "False Memories".Read "Reality is Malleable".


Ausstellende Künstler: Ana Bathe - Peter Ehrentraut - Aino el Solh - Eva Gjaltema - Ivano Pellecchia - Doreen Trittel

Präsentiert werden Werke der Malerei, Fotografie, Objekt- und Videokunst, die sich auf persönliche und gesellschaftliche Wandlungsprozesse beziehen. Das zentrale Zauberwort aus dem Kunstmärchen "Die Geschichte von Kalif Storch" von Wilhelm Hauff diente als Inspiration für den Ausstellungstitel: Mutabor, lateinisch „ich werde verwandelt werden", steht für den Antrieb zur Veränderung.
- Christine Balbach

Vernissage: January 6th 2017, 19.00
Finissage: January 20th 2017, 19.00

Opening Hours: Mon, Tue, Thu 15.00-18.00 & Sat, Sun 12.00-18.00

Location: ETBK Projektraum, Herrfurtherstr. 29, 12049 Berlin
Event on Facebook: click here


A new online feature by curated by GIRLS has been published.

To check it out simply visit or visit them on social media.

EXHIBITION: "Festival Virski"

IThe Human Condition series just returned from its summer long tour along the Adriatic coastline. Among the works of 67 artists the series was part of the 26th annual "Festival Virski", whose Vernissage kicked off in Bar, Montenegro.

Vernissage: June 10th 2016, 21h
Location: Galerija V.A. Leković & Zavičajni muzej Bar, 8500 Bar, Montenegro

Official Website: click here

EXHIBITION: "4 Artists"

My latests seven works of the Human Condition series will have their public premier in less than a week.

On Friday 27 November 2015 "Komet 29d" is opening it's doors for the very first time. The name says it all. Four artists (Nele Ströbel, Edouardo Sancamillo, Ines von Sassen and Ana Bathe) will display four forms of art: sculpures, painting, drawings and photography.

Vernissage: November 27th 2015
12:00-18:00: Talk, Coffee & Cake
18:00: Lounge with DJ, Beer & more

Finissage: December 27th 2015

Location: Komet, Rigaer Str. 29d, 10247 Berlin
Event on Facebook: click here

PUBLICATION: Prism Photo Magazine #21

The wonderful people of Prism Magazine are featuring the Singles Series in their latest issue. Issue #21 has been released on 30.08.2015 and is now online.

To check it out simply log in on or visit facebook.

EXHIBITION: "tat ort"

Early September selected works of mine will be shown at a new group exhibition in Berlin.

Vernissage: September 3rd 2015, 19.00
Location: Joseph-Haydn-Strasse 1, 10557 Berlin

EXHIBITION: "Adornism"

The definition of Adornisim is - the act of over decoration in art or self though multiplying objects, lines , colour and texture.
Step into the Ballery for an introduction to the world of ADORNISIM. Showcasing An eclectic collection of paintings, photography, wearable art and sculpture. Its sure to get your senses tingling!

The Exhebition is curated by the wonderful Anto Christ.

Vernissage: August 7th 2015, 18.00 - 22.00
Location: The Ballery, Nollendorfstr. 11, 10777 Berlin
Event on Facebook: click here


IINSPEKTION is the latest exhibition by the Borgo Ensemble, set in a former car dealer. I will be showing a selection of works in a multi-disciplinary show put together by the artist collective around Reiner Bergmann.

During the Vernissage you will be able to experience all the artworks with interchanging musical performances .

For more information about what awaits you until mid-August visit the official website or check out facebook.

Vernissage: July 25th 2015, 19.00 
Location: Borgo Ensemble, Dresdener Straße 4, 90491 Nürnberg
Event on Facebook: click here
Official Website: click here


This series of self-portraits explores the seven traits (Invidia, Luxuria, Superbia, Gula, Avaritia, Ira and Acedia) that have been antagonized throughout the centuries and the feeling of guilt, by delving into baroque and contemporary styles (coming out soon). 

Each trait is presented both as something unappealing and something to be desired - through two vastly different artistic styles, while incorporating hints of modern elements. The works do not have titles and it is left up to the viewer to determine which trait corresponds with which picture and if it is a virtue or a flaw. Sometimes the traits are intertwined with one another and coated with a layer of uncertainty. As is our human condition.

EXHIBITION: "Polychrome Unterbrechung des Winterschlafs"

For 4 weeks I will be exhibiting with Diana Monsalve, Semra Sevin, Eva Mitala, Felipe Oyarzun and Kaddi Hemmerling in a show curated by Stefan Höppe at Prima Center Berlin.

Vernissage I: February 20th 2015, 20.00
Location: Prima Center Berlin, Biesentaler Str. 24, 13359 Berlin
Event on Facebook: click here
Official Website: click here

Kolonie Wedding Wochenende - Vernissage II
February 27th 2015, 20.00
February 28th 2015, 16.30-19.30
March 1st 2015, 14.30-19.30

Finissage: March 20th 2015, 20.00


Recently I sat down with Ben, from Chased), and we discussed the driving force behind my photographs, gender inequality, street assaults and the power of art.

Read the interview on Chased)


EXHIBITION: "Adolescent Dreamer"

From November 15th until December 15th my new solo show titled "Adolescent Dreamer", curated by Simon Williams, director of The Ballery, will be on display in the premises of Dr. Carola Muysers' Kreativagentur "Komet".

Vernissage: November 15th 2014, 19.00-22.00
Location: Bees & Butterflies, Prinzenstr. 7, 10969 Berlin
Event on Facebook: click here

Artist Talk: November 29th 2014, 18.00-20.00
Reading with Klaus Dieter Spangenberg: December 6th 2014, 16.00

Finissage: December 15th 2014, 19.00-21.00
Event on Facebook: click here

Update I
Berlin-Women has published a brief overview of the show: click here

Update II
Three pieces of work have been vandalized during the Vernissage. The artist talk on 29. November will adress the destruction of art in modern society, as well as provide a more in-depth analysis of "Adolescent Dreamer" and the artist behind it.

EXHIBITION: "Berlin Arts"

From August 8th until August 28th I will be exhibiting in San Sebastian, Spain, as part of a few selected artists chosen by Pop-Up Art Gallery Berlin.

Vernissage: August 8th 2014, 20.00 
Location: NoColor Estudio, Paseo Colón 37, 20002 Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain
Event on Facebook: click here
Website of NoColor Estudio: click here


Update: en español

Este viernes 8 de Agosto a las 20:00 pm Nocolor cambia de perfil y de las obras fractales de Maximilian Pelzmann viajamos hasta Alemania. Mejor dicho, Alemania viaja hasta Donostia porque la galería berlinesa “Pop Up Art Gallery” moviliza las obras de sus artistas hasta Nocolor para que podamos disfrutar de la actualidad artística del país germano.


  • David Gee
  • Michael McDonell
  • Nicolas Balcazar
  • Brandt Parker
  • Stefanie Schneider
  • Sadie Weis
  • Ana Bathe
  • Michael Lamoller
  • Stefano Bosis
Quedáis todos invitados a la inauguración del viernes.
Habrá cerveza fresca y lunch.
Esta exposición promete mucho. ¡Os esperamos!


EXHIBITION: "Pop-Up goes AvantGarde"

Being part as one of the over 40 artists who have sold artwork at Pop-Up Art Gallery Berlin since opening on July 12th 2013, I am delighted to exhibit some selected work at Pop-Up's AvantGarde show.

Pop-Up Art Gallery Berlin and Gallery Avantgarde are joining forces and are presenting a select group of Berlin’s hottest artists. Pop-Up has invited all its artists who have sold work within the last year to present artwork in an exhibition that celebrates the success of the last year. As Pop-Up Art Gallery Berlin is too small to put up all of the work on the wall our bigger neighbour gallery 'Avantgarde' is offering us their walls! Come and discover a new arts venue in Schöneberg!

To browse the online-brochure: click here

Vernissage: July 12th 2014, 18.00 
Location: Berlin Avantgarde, Nollendorfstr. 11-12, 10777 Berlin
Event on Facebook: click here


Pop-up Art Gallery Berlin will be hosting its second art auction on Friday March 21st.
All art works will be on display from 18hr with the bidding starting at 19h30. All art works will start low so you could walk away with a fabulous piece of art by some of Berlin's hottest artists for a bargain price.

Works by the following artists will be available: Uwe Kempen, Michel Le Mollé, Adil Razali, Brandt Parker, Sofie Engström von Alten, Jade Macewan Art, Marina AgadzhanoVa, Ana Bathe, Frodo Siebenundvierzig, Margarita Miranda, Cris Koch, Elena Ger, Klaus Dieter Spangenberg, Eckhard Roth, Michael Mcdonnell, Nicolas Balcazar, René Melzer, Frank Lassak, Nickola Pandelides and more.

Date: March 21st 2014, 18.00 
Location: LMArts, Hohenstaufenstraße 60, 10781 Berlin
Event on Facebook: click here

EXHIBITION: "Stefanie Schneider + Ana Bathe"

I am excited to announce that Stefanie Schneider will join me at Pop-Up Art Gallery on Friday, February 14th.

"Taking the American West as her inspiration, Stefanie Schneider’s analog images evoke ideas of masquerade and play, the intense gazes of Schneider’s female characters undermine their playful edge suggesting an unnerving or tragic quality beneath the surface of these glossy women. Collectively the works evoke love, pain, loneliness, alienation and re-discovery and can be seen to suggest a social commentary on America; pointing to the cracks beneath the surface of the glitz and glamour of the ’American Dream’.

Using expired Polaroid film which is then enlarged by hand in her own laboratory, Schneider’s images both emphasis the sun drenched light of California and embody the cinematographic quality of the films of Quentin Tarantino and Oliver Stone and are reminiscent of forgotten memories, dreams and chance encounters. The blemishes of the expired Polaroid film, further add to Schneider's intent to represent an imperfect narrative.

Her work will be presented alongside one of Pop-up Gallery's most recognized and exciting artists Ana Bathe.

This exhibition offers interesting look into self portrait photography by two outstanding Berlin based female artists."

Vernissage: February 14th 2014, 18.00 
Location: Pop-Up Art Gallery, Hohenstaufenstraße 60, 10781 Berlin
Vernissage on Facebook: click here

Update: Finissage

This Wednesday 19th February, come and join us all for the last showing of art works from Ana Bathe and Stefanie Schneider.

This will be the last chance to see the current work of Ana Bathe at the gallery for the rest of the season. The next time we see the work of Ana Bathe in the gallery it will be all new work. This being said, i think we should celebrate her wonderful work to date which is currently being shown alongside a collection of high quality and inspiring work by one of Germany's most recognisable female photographers Stefanie Schneider.

At this finissage we will be joined by a few performing artists including the fabulous Anna Aliena, the wonderful Mara Leibowitz and more!

Finissage: February 19th, 2014 at 18.00
Location: Pop-Up Art Gallery, Hohenstaufenstraße 60, 10781 Berlin
Finissage on Facebook: click here



EXHIBITION: "Pop-Up København"

While my solo exhibition is still on display in Berlin, I am travelling with Pop-Up Art Gallery to Kopenhagen to exhibit a selection of my work.

"In Berlin’s underground art scene, Pop-Up Art Gallery Berlin has quickly become the place to be. Every Friday the gallery changes its exhibition, which features Berlin’s hottest new artists alongside international names. On February 12th Simon Williams, the director of Pop-Up Art Gallery Berlin, will present 10 of his Berlin based artists as part of an exchange with Dencker & Schneider Gallery.

This unique event is the first step towards a new artist networking community concept, which brings artists from around the world together to exchange ideas.
Since opening in July 2013 Pop-Up Art Gallery Berlin has presented over 130 artists with over 70 artworks going to new homes around the world.

Dencker & Schneider Gallery has been gaining momentum in their aim to showcase Danish artists in Berlin. This new collaboration seeks to strengthen and connect both Pop-Up Art Gallery Berlin and Dencker & Schneider’s international arts network as well as reach new audiences."

Vernissage: February 12th, 2014 at 18.00 
Location: Dencker+Schneider Gallery, Mariendalsvej 73, Frederiksberg
Event on Facebook: click here


A little art talk with Simon Williams from Pop-up Art Gallery, shot by the wonderful Maansi Jain, has been released.

Click here to watch.

EXHIBITION: "Pop-Up #Ana Bathe"

I am happy to annouce my new solo exhibition hosted at Pop-Up Art Gallery.

"If you have not already seen her work then pay attention to the name Ana Bathe. Born in Serbia and raised in Canada, Ana is now home in Berlin. She has shown her work in group shows several times last season and is fast becoming one of our most loved associated artists.

From February 7th Pop-Up Gallery will be presenting a solo exhibition of mainly new works as well as new editions of photos that have previously sold at the gallery.

The subject of gender and self-discovery is a main theme in her work, which she approaches through self-portrait photographs. The work is vibrant, fresh and colourful. At times her unique work looks like it has just come out of a pop music magazine and then at other times it is reminiscent of an old tronie masterpiece.

Pop-up Art Gallery Berlin will be producing a limited edition signed brochure for this exhibition. Don’t miss it!

Vernissage: February 7th, 2014 at 18.00 
Location: Pop-Up Art Gallery, Hohenstaufenstraße 60, 10781 Berlin
Event on Facebook: click here


On January 24 I will present new work as Pop-Up Art Gallery opens the season with a "Nude" themed exhibition. The walls are going to be covered in body parts for two weeks. You don't have to attend the exhibition naked yourself but feel free to do so if you are brave enough in this weather.

As well as it being the first official Pop-Up show of the season it is also Klaus Nomi's 70th birthday (if he were alive) and Anna Aliena will be making a special guest appearance in his honor!

Don't miss this show!

Vernissage: January 24th, 2014 at 18.00 
Finissage: February 5th, 2014 at 18.00
Location: Pop-Up Art Gallery, Hohenstaufenstraße 60, 10781 Berlin
Event on Facebook: click here

Due to the high amount of attending people the gallery will open 1 hour earlier at 17.00.

EXHIBITION: "Izložba fotografije Ana Bathe"

I am happy to announce that there is going to be another solo exhibition of mine this year!

Vernissage: December 27th, 2013 at 20.00 
Location: Inex Film, Višnjička 76, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Event on Facebook: click here

EXHIBITION: "Pop Up #Winter Week"

Before we all hibernate for the winter, Pop-up Art Gallery Berlin is presenting one final exhibition of the year.

Starting December 6th we will be bringing you some of our favourite artists together for an exhibition that focuses on the theme of winter. Images of winter can be most magical and beautiful so come and join us and enjoy an evening of arts and friends.

This will be a very full exhibition featuring 12 artists for a fabulous final show of the year. Featuring artists:Nicolas Balcazar, Ana Bathe, Sadie Weis, Brandt Parker, Maansi Jain, Winston Torr, Stefano Bosis, Klaus Dieter Spangenberg, Blaz Kutin, Fernanda Porto, Vytautas Šėrys and Sofie Engström von Alten.

Vernissage: December 6th, 2013 at 18.00-22.00 
Location: Pop-Up Art Gallery, Hohenstaufenstraße 60, 10781 Berlin
Pop Up Gallery's event on Facebook: click here

EXHIBITION: "Pop Up #November"

On Friday November 8th from 18hr, Pop-Up Art Gallery Berlin will be presenting a special exhibition featuring a small group of artists. The show will feature a large selection of work by one of our most frequent and exciting artists Ana Bathe. Ana will be joined by 3 fellow Canadians: Daniel Lavoie, Anna Zoria and Nickola Pandelides. Daniel will be hanging up a stunning new painting for the first time on our feature wall. Anna Zoria, who is with us for a second time, sold an 'Erotica' oil painting a few weeks ago at our gallery. Nickola Pandelides is new to the family and Mexican artist E Smith Ramos is currently developing a concept that brings corners of rooms to life and is back at the gallery also for a second time. Finally joining this fine group of ladies we are delighted to introduce a new artist who has also designed the flyer and poster for this event, German artist Cris Koch. Cris will take over an entire wall. This is our 18th show of the year and is not to be missed.

Vernissage: November 8th, 2013 at 18.00-22.00 
Finissage: November 14th, 2013 at 18.00-22.00
Location: Pop-Up Art Gallery, Hohenstaufenstraße 60, 10781 Berlin
Pop Up Gallery's event on Facebook: click here

INTERVIEW: "Avant-Garde Self-Portraits"

The kind staff of AstrumPeople has recently talked to me about my work and published the interview.

Read the entire article on

EXHIBITION: "Pop Up #October"

From friday October 18th, Pop-Up Art Gallery will be presenting an exciting and fresh group of artists for a one week show. This will be a fresh show with artists from USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Hungary, Argentina and Germany. More information to come soon...

Vernissage: October 18th, 2013 at 18.00-22.00 
Finissage: October 24th, 2013 at 18.00-22.00
Location: Pop-Up Art Gallery, Hohenstaufenstraße 60, 10781 Berlin
Pop Up Gallery's event on Facebook: click here

EXHIBITION: "To Russia With Love"

On Friday the 13th September Pop-Up Gallery Berlin will be hosting a group show that is responding to the homophobic wave which is currently sweeping over Russia. The artists will present work that is creative and positive which invites the public to discuss their ideas on this subject.
Some artists already presenting work: Frank Wilde, Ana Bathe, Vivien Esme Werk, Sadie Weis, Simon Williams & Marc Raps, Klaus Rudolf, Diego Garcia, Ann Utova, Tiberiu Bleoanca, Adil Razali, Zahra Luengo, Elena Ger, Maansi Jain and more

Vernissage: September 13th, 2013 at 18.00-22.00 
Finissage: September 19th, 2013 at 18.00-22.00
Location: Pop-Up Art Gallery, Hohenstaufenstraße 60, 10781 Berlin
Pop Up Gallery's event on Facebook: click here

A few kind words of fellow artist Maansi Jain: click here

EXHIBITION: "Coalescence Berlin"

According to dictionaries, "Coalescence" is defined as the ability to come together so as to form one whole and to unite. The group exhibition, put together by Luis Miguélez, embodies the possibilities of Berlin, a city in which art becomes a way of life and a city which itself becomes an infinite source for inspiration and artistic expression.
Alongside the illustrations, paintings, photography and clothing art of Lumi Luis, Paul Gardner, Frank Mierckem, Bianca Fox, Daniel Zander, Luis Ruiz, Gabriel Hermida, Thomas Gabriel, Jesus Pastor, Moli Moli and Carla Punkt I will be exhibiting a selection of works.

Vernissage: August 28th, 2013 at 18.00-22.00 
Mitte-ssage: September 18th, 2013 at 18.00-22.00
Finissage: October 2nd, 2013 at 18.00-22.00
Location: LUMI LUIS foto studio, Eisenacherstr. 11, 10777 Berlin
Link to LUMI LUIS foto studio: click here

EXHIBITION: "Pop-Up #August"

I will be part of Pop-Up Art Gallery's new group show from 2nd - 9th August featuring artists Brandt Parker, Oliver Shaw, Marina Agadzhanova, Bianca Fox, Sadie Weis, Javier Fernández Páiz, Vivien Esme, Gabriel Hermida and more.
Pop-Up art gallery is located in an empty shop and during the next months the space will be used as a gallery presenting arts from all genres from painting and photography to fashion design and dance.

Vernissage: August 2nd, 2013 at 18.00-22.00
Finissage: August 8th, 2013 at 18.00-22.00
Location: Pop-Up Art Gallery, Hohenstaufenstraße 60, 10781 Berlin
Pop Up Gallery's event on Facebook: click here


The KUNSTBLITZ is an interactive pop-up exhibition space for a group of artists from all over Europe, USA and Australia that has come together in Berlin.
In the two months of June and July we are bringing you exhibitions, art films, themed parties, workshops, musical performances and more! Since this is a high energy, constantly changing space, don't hesitate to check back on our page for the latest program changes! click here

Vernissage: June 6th, 2013 from 19.00
Finissage: July 29th, 2013 from 19.00

Location: KUNSTBLITZ, Wiener Strasse 36, 10999 Berlin
Open Every Day 14:00 - 20:00


It has been a great pleasure to collaborate with graphic designer and illustrator Mirko Barone from Italy, and I do not intend to withhold the amazing result.

Check out his other works too: click here


I have been featured on Future Magazine.
Check it out: click here


The kind people of Astrum People wrote a lengthy article about my work.
Check it out: click here

EXHIBITION "Alternative Portraits"

My very first solo exhibition "Alternative Beauty" will take place at Kulturbar in Greifswald from February 1st, 2012 to February 28th, 2012, featuring a wide arrangement of works produced between 2009 and early 2012.

Vernissage: February 1st, 2012 at 19.00
Location: Kulturbar, Langestraße 93, 17489 Greifswald
Link to Kulturbar's Facebook Group: click here

Thank you Ostsee-Zeitung for your kind article.

A brief video of the Vernissage is now online: click here